Compressor for refrigerators and freezers – Compressors for household refrigerators and food freezers

Brand: Danfoss


Danfoss compressors can be recognized by their yellow label marked "Danfoss". It is also known that beyond Denmark the compressors are sold worldwide to manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers.

Type and model number

Different types produced before 1994. Danfoss compressors are installed in different types of household refrigerators and freezers.



There is a risk of fire caused by PTC-starters fixed on the outer side of Danfoss compressors. PTC-starters produced before 1994 can cause electric arcs and those are documented responsible for several fires in Denmark.


Voluntary information to consumers by the manufacturer.

Reporting country


RAPEX Reference no.


Comments from the community

  1. Davidkoffi says:

    Danfoss compressors have helped me so far and i am so grateful to them . David

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