Radio-controlled toy car with remote control

Brand: Brother Toys.


The package of the product contains a plastic toy car (Scale of 1:18) with a control frequency of 40 MHz (number plate: “SPEEDY RACER NO:8233”) operated by batteries, a battery charger "Gers Electronics charger. CO., LTD" (model No. GS-104823E AC 230V 50 Hz; DC 4,8V; 230 m Class II), a remote control ("TOP RACER SUPERIOR POWERED SPEED"), 4 batteries-AA 700mAh 1,2V Ni-Cd, and a dry battery of 9V 6F22. L: 27 cm X W:12 cm X H:7,5 cm.

Type and model number

NO.8233 (Art. No. 000032900) Bar code: 5 998 015 509 227.


Electric shock, burns and fire.

The product poses a risk of :
(i) electric shock because:
- the plug of the battery charger is non-standardized, therefore the live pins are accessible when connecting to the power supply.
- the age symbol (8 years), certain safety instructions of the battery charger and warnings are missing.
(ii) burns and fire since the batteries can be charged in the toy car, they are removable without using a tool and interchangeable with the dry battery. The contacts of the battery holder of the car can be short-circuited and then they significantly overheat, the cover of the battery charger significantly overheats during abnormal use, the cover of the battery holder of the remote control can be removed without using a tool and the contacts can be short-circuited.
The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and relevant European standards EN-60335 and EN-50088.


Withdrawal from the market and recall from consumers ordered by the authority.

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RAPEX Reference no.


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