Joke remote control car key – Shock Car Remote Control


Laser pointer and electric-shock generator in the form of an egg-shaped remote-control car key. On the front, there are two black buttons at the tip (one depicting the `unlock car` symbol), below which there is a round silver button. On the other side of the remote control there is a silver oval-shaped button. The products are supplied in a black and grey multipack.

Type and modelnumber



Damage to sight

The product poses a risk of damage to sight because it incorporates a Class 3 laser. Class 3 lasers may not be placed on the market for consumer use.

The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 60825.


Withdrawal from the market and recall from consumers ordered by the authorities.

Reporting country


RAPEX Reference no.


Comments from the community

Unsafe ProductsProduct safety and recalls in the European Union
Reproduced with permission from the European Commission.

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