Lip balm


Lip balm in the form of cakes. Vanilla lip balm in the form of a cake with coloured sticks and the smell of vanilla. Lip balm in the form of a cake with icing and some fruit – apple, with the smell of strawberry.


The products pose a risk of choking as, due to its characteristic form, appearance, colour and size, they may be mistaken for foodstuffs. The product can easily break, generating small parts that could be placed in the mouth by a child and swallowed.
The products do not comply with the Directive 87/357/EEC on products which, appearing to be other than they are, endanger the health or safety of consumers.


Compulsory measures:Withdrawal of the product from the market.

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Unsafe ProductsProduct safety and recalls in the European Union
Reproduced with permission from the European Commission.

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