Tattoo Ink

Brand: Intenze


Transparent bottle of tattoo ink with an adhesive label and black top. Content 29.6 ml.

Type and model number

Intenze sienna; dragon red; tangerine; banana cream and lime green
Batch number/Barcode:
INTENZE, tangerine, batch Y61W72045JMX40 lot ss85 exp 11/31/16,
INTENZE, dragon red, batch RD36Y61O45 lot ss85 exp 11/31/16,
INTENZE, banana cream, batch W66Y61O41IMX40 lot ss80 exp 06/30/16,
INTENZE, lime green, batch Y62W79G61IMX40 lot,
INTENZE, sienna, batch W67Y61RX25 lot ss81 exp 07/31/16



The product poses a chemical risk because it contains azo dyes releasing up to 1753 mg/kg of the aromatic amine o-anisidine which is a substance classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic.
The presence of azo dyes is not compliant with Council of Europe Resolution "ResAP(2008)1 on requirements and criteria for the safety of tattoos and permanent make-up.


Compulsory measures:Withdrawal of the product from the market.

Reporting country

The netherlands

RAPEX Reference no.


Comments from the community

Unsafe ProductsProduct safety and recalls in the European Union
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