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Hearing protectors

Brand: – Posted: Week 46 2013

Passive ear muffs with plastic headband. Type and model number Type: EP106 Danger Damage to hearing It is not possible to change adequately the headband force. Consequently there is a risk…

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Games with suction darts

Brand: – Posted: Week 44 2013

1) Orange plastic blow pipe with blue plastic darts in an orange cardboard box. 2) Orange cross bow with blue darts in an orange cardboard box. 3) Six black suction darts…

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Travel plug adaptor – Matka Adapteri

Brand: – Posted: Week 36 2013

Travel plug adaptor, sold in a white cardboard box. Type and model number 9625 (LIN-73099 / 16704A / NA-501E). Product number 27120. Danger Electric shock Single-pole insertion of a plug is…

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Ethanol burner – Cheminée de Table Design

Brand: – Posted: Week 27 2013

Bio-ethanol burner in a cardboard box. Type and model number 19.129 Danger Burns, Fire There are insufficient warnings and markings on the product to warn the user against refilling the burner…

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Skin-lightening product – Whitening pearl beauty & spot removing suite

Brand: – Posted: Week 26 2013

Skin-lightening product in pink and white cardboard box. Type and model number Unknown Danger Chemical The product poses a chemical risk because it contains a mercury compound (12000 mg/kg) as skin…

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Protective earphones

Brand: – Posted: Week 22 2013

Protective earphones with headband. Sold in pink and lime colours. Model number "CHOB A817" affixed to the cups. Type and model number CHOB A817 Danger Damage to hearing The product does…

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Bicycle – Rockrider

Brand: – Posted: Week 16 2013

Mountain bike: Type and model number Model Rockrider 9.9 XL.On sale from 19 April 2012 to 14 January 2013.Batch number/Barcode: Reference:1445602 Danger Injuries There is a risk of the frame breaking…

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Ice skates

Brand: – Posted: Week 14 2013

White part-leather ice skates with black plastic sole and silvery metal blades. The product is packed in a cardboard box and has a blade guard. Type and model number 107315 -…

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Naphthalene ball

Brand: – Posted: Week 11 2013

Naphthalene, round shape and white colour, in polyethylene bags each containing 15 pieces. Type and model number Unknown Batch number/Barcode: Unknown Danger Choking The product poses a risk of choking as,…

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Wooden toy car – First Car

Brand: – Posted: Week 10 2013

Wooden car to hold and push along – brightly painted, with a wooden arch (grip) in place of the car roof. There are three wooden rings (orange, yellow and green) attached…

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