Liquid for e-cigarettes

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  • Esco Technology
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Liquid for e-cigarettes 1. Turkish Tobacco Med 2. Strawberry Low
Product description
2 plastic dropper bottles with plastic screw caps and printed labels. The label of the "Strawberry Low" sample has a picture of fruits. Brown liquid. Contents of package: 10 ml.
Because of its presentation (i.e. a label depicting fruits), the "Strawberry Low" sample is considered to be a harmful product that can be mistaken for a foodstuff. In the same way, since the "Turkish Tobacco Med" sample is to be stored in a household refrigerator along with food, it cannot be ruled out that it will be mistaken for a foodstuff and harm the health of consumers. Similarly, it cannot be stated with certainty that children will not ingest the product. The "Strawberry Low" sample had a nicotine yield of 9.3 g/kg. In the "Turkish Tobacco Med" sample, a nicotine yield of 4.8 g/kg was determined. In Opinion No 013/2008 of 5 January 2008, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) determined that the ingestion of only around 5 mg of nicotine per kilogram of body weight can cause death. Under § 5(2)(2) LFGB, it is prohibited to manufacture for others, to process or to place on the market products that can be mistaken for food.
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Consumer product
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