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Signal lamp bracket in Kawasaki motorcycles
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Category: Motor vehicles Product: Signal lamp bracket in Kawasaki motorcycles Brand: KAWASAKI Type/number of model: Model VN900B6F/B7F, Kawasaki 2006 (B6F) and 2007 (B7F) model year motorcycles, with serial numbers from JKAVN900BBA000453 to JKAVN900BBA010129 (B6F model) and from JKAVN900BBA014014 to JKAVN900BBA016364 (B7F model)
The product poses a risk of injury because on some eligible units the signal lamp bracket may crack due to vibration and riding conditions, particularly over rough surfaces. If this condition is not corrected, the bracket can become detached from the motorcycle along with the attached license plate, creating a road hazard.
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Consumer product
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Serious risk
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