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Commercial sunbed used for cosmetic tanning purposes.
The product poses a risk of skin burns because the manufacturer’s marking in the device gives a false information of the UV type of the sunbed and consequently UV irradiance of it as it should not be classified to UV type 3 determined in the standard EN 60335-2-27. The erythemally effective irradiance shall not exceed 0,15 W/m2 for both wavelengths shorter or equal than 320 nm and longer than 320 nm. In the lower part the measured values were 0,136 W/m2 (wavelength l£320 nm) and 0,183 W/m2 (wavelength l>320 nm) and in the upper part 0,230 W/m2 (l£320 nm) and 0,151 W/m2 (l>320 nm), respectively. The measured values for facial tanner were 0,173 W/m2 (l£320 nm) and 0,170 W/m2 (l>320 nm). In addition, the measurements revealed that - with this exactly same lamp name (brand) - exist two different UV output (UV spectrum) of the lamp, which should not be possible. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 60335-2-27.
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Ergoline Excellence 800 Turbo Power
843949, equipped with lamps Ergoline Max Tan Plus 160W Turbo Power C-12724.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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