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Computer hardware
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The XE103 is an Ethernet adaptor that uses house wiring to implement a local area network. When used in pairs, the XE103 transmits and receives Ethernet data up to 85Mbs. The XE103 is equipped with one RJ45 Ethernet connector.
The product poses a serious risk of fire because the power supply integrated circuit (IC) within the XE103 may fail. Such IC failure may cause another component, called a Polyswitch, which is used to limit the current delivered to the product, to also fail. When the Polyswitch fails, it releases a small amount of smoke and soot and a visible flash of light. The duration of this is approximately 3 seconds and does not produce flaming combustion or glowing embers that escape the enclosure. This event does not pose a risk to surrounding light combustible material or a safety hazard to a user. However, on the basis of the external testing that has been carried out, it cannot be ruled out that a very small number of units that experience a Polyswitch failure may also experience a more severe failure, if a conduction path is established between the two unprotected solder nodes that connect AC power to the printed circuit board. If this occurs, light combustible materials surrounding the product may ignite.
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NETGEAR XE103 (sold individually or as part of a bundled kit). Model numbers affected (including bundled kits):XE103-100AUS, FSS, GRS, ISS, UKS, NAS. XE103-100AUB, ISB, UKB, NAB. XE103-100NAR.XE103G-100FRS, FSS, GRS, ISS, UKS. XE104G-100FSS, UKS. XEPSB103-100AUS, GRS, ISS, UKS.
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Consumer product
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RAPEX Reference
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Products with serious risks
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United Kingdom


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