Mitre saw

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  • Mader excel
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Mitre saw with bench
Product description
Bench-mounted mitre saw. The packaging is a cardboard box with the statements: "Mitre wood saw, 1560W-250MM with support bench. Mader Excel Mex-92501. CE. This portable workbench with an electric saw is semi-professional and safe. Makes for more sturdier, more robust work. Ideal for cutting solid wood, with a guide that can be adjusted to 45º it can cut at 45º and 90º. Date of Manufacture 050930. Lot No IF050930. Produced by R.O.C and details of the Portuguese importer.
The product poses a serious risk of injuries because: - the plastics of the guards are defective, - the guards are fragile, - in mitre mode the fixed upper guard allows the test finger to come into contact with the teeth of the cutting disc, - the fastening anchorage of the lower protector in mitre mode is too fragile, it breaks without any effort in attempting to fit it, and cannot therefore be used, - the rear guard of the cutting disc in the mitre position is plastic with manufacturing defects which make it very fragile, it breaks when the disc is fitted, leaving a great number of cutting disc teeth (approximately 5 cm) exposed (para.s 1.4.1/2/3), - the cutting disc can be fitted in a very eccentric position in its housing because it does not have clamp flanges, an effective guide for the disc or if the spindle is too small for the disc supplied. When the disc is off-centre it causes strong vibrations when starting up and stopping. It also causes resonance at maximum power which causes a loud, piercing noise and could cause the flanges to loosen, leaving the cutting disc loose. The product does not comply with Machinery Directive and the relevant European standard EN 12100.
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Model MEX-92501 (1560W-250MM)
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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