Joke item – "Shaking stapler /shock stapler/" - "bad/rude joke"

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Joke item – "Shaking stapler /shock stapler/" - "bad/rude joke". Type/model: JB 50522. Remark: Article cannot be used for the purpose of the stapler.
There is discrepancy between the importer’s instructions for use in Bulgarian and the ones of the manufacturer in English. The manufacturer states that the appliance can be used only by persons aged 14 to 50, without cardiovascular problems, and the importer states that the appliance is suitable for children over the age of 3, i.e., unjustifiably and wilfully specifying it as a toy with a battery. 2. When switched on, the appliance reproduces a series of impulse discharges (voltage of 1000 V and duration of 5 5 μs and voltage of 100 V and duration of 50 μs; each of the impulses having an impulse magnitude of 2.5μС).
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Consumer product
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Electric shock
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Products with serious risks
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