Novelty lighters

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Novelty lighters. Type/model: Lighters in various shapes and forms with or without light and/or sound. Description: Lighters are in many shapes and sizes: 1) Jukebox with flashing lights, 2) gun with flashing lights, 3) Dolphin, 4) mobile phone, 5) shoe, 6) pistol, 7) music speaker with lights and sound, 8) submarine, 9) car, 10) basketball, 11) bar of chocolate, 12) saw, 13) mobile phone, 14) vintage car, 15) table tennis bat, 16) tin of sardines, 17) water pump, 18) water hydrant, 19) bolt, 20) gun, 21) gun, 22) light bulb, 23) hair trimmer, 24) hair trimmer, 25) safety pin, 26) dolphin, 27) penguin, 28) dolphin, 29) human torso with bikini, 30) human torso with blue briefs, 31) human torso coloured bronze, 32) computer mouse, 33) bulls head, 34) human torso, 35) grenade, 36) bronze bust, 37) micrometer, 38) large vintage car, 39) trumpet.
Danger to young children - the forms of the lighters, which on the basis of European standard EN 13869, correspond to the definition of novelty lighters, may be attractive to children under the age of 51 months leading to the increased risk of burns and fire.
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Consumer product
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Burns Fire
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Products with serious risks
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United Kingdom

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