Starting cables – battery jumper cables

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Starting cables – battery jumper cables
Product description
A battery jumper cable for connection of positive terminals of accumulator is black, a battery jumper for connection of negative terminals of accumulator is red. The product is marked with names of producer and distributors for Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia, EAN code and Art. number.
The product poses a serious risk of fire because during a simulation of heating overload of the cable by starting with starting impulse (max. 400 A, 15 s) the temperature of the conductor of 392 ºC was detected (permitted value of temperature is 135 ºC), in other case (max 400 A, 30) the temperature of over 400 ºC was registered. After finishing the test, the insulation ignited and the conductors burnt over. The product does not comply with the safety requirements of standard ISO 6722.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Type: 400A
2,5m, Art. No.: 40033, EAN: 9002852400336.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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