Lighting chain

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Lighting chain, 40 bulbs
Product description
This product poses a risk of overheating due to the following non-compliances with the relevant European standard EN 60598: - the dimensions of the wire in the chain are less than what is specified in the standard; - the nominal cross-section area of the conductors is 0,18 mm², which is less than the required 0,50 mm²; - the chain is not market with the required warnings ("Do not remove or insert lamps while the lighting chain is connected to the supply."; "For series-connected lamps, replace failed lamps immediately by lamps of the same rated voltage and wattage to prevent overheating."; "Ensure all lamp-holders are fitted with a lamp."); - it is not indicated in the product that only replacement lamps of the same type as those supplied with this lighting chain must be used. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive.
Measures taken
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Ref: 0217141, bar code: 8432583171419
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Consumer product
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Serious risk
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