Lighting chain "Everstar"

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Lighting chain "Everstar" 1. 40 plug-in type miniature incandescent lamps and a transformer (type: JT-650). 2.160 plug-in type miniature incandescent lamps and a transformer (type: JT-850). Type/number of model: Unknown.
Information placed on the transformer ('indoor use only') is different from the one placed on the packaging (‘outdoor use’). There is a risk of electric shock due to the fact that water can get on the transformer not protected against ingress of water. Lighting chain is not provided with a plug protected against splashed water and is not suitable for permanent connection to the mains supply with wiring box. The plastic cover of the lamp holders does not have sufficient resistance to ignition, thus it may cause fire. These products do not comply with the LVD Directive and the European Standards.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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Products with serious risks
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