Lighting chains "60 Netstarlights"

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Lighting chains "60 Netstarlights". Consists of 160 series connected replaceable SELV incandescent lamps with resistor bridge and an 8-function flashing unit. Technical parameters: 220V, Class II by appearance. Type/model: Unknown.
The indication of "INDOOR-OUTDOOR USE" is misleading because the product is not protected against ingress of water. The cross section area of the conductor of the single insulated flexible wire applied between the flashing unit and the lamp holders is less than required. The inlet of the flashing unit is not rounded, thus the cable may get damaged. The cord anchorage is missing. Since the power consumption (124W) was significantly higher than allowed (50W) and the lamp holders do not have sufficient resistance to ignition the product may cause fire. This product is not identical with the types and models described on the label (the indicated power consumption significantly differs from the measured values (124W), the light sources and their parameters are also different). This product does not comply with the LVD Directive and the European Standards.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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