Electric saw - Combined mitre-bench saw

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  • Horse Power.
Product title
Electric saw - Combined mitre-bench saw.
Product description
The product poses a serious risk of injury because: - the width of the top guard is too wide, - the deflection of the top guard is too big when the guard is pulled laterally with a force of 5N, - the maximum distance between the riving knife and the saw blade is too big, - the riving knife must be turned out when the function of the saw is changed. Because it is difficult to turn out the riving knife, the user probably takes it away, - the mechanical strength of the combined user/emergency switch is weak and damaged by a stroke. As a result, the function of the emergency stop is also damaged. There is therefore a danger of contact with moving parts and danger of failure of guards and the user/emergency switch. The product does not comply with the Machinery Directive and the relevant European standard EN 61029.
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Consumer product
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Serious risk
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