Crinkled scarf

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Crinkled scarf
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Scarf 80 cm x 30 cm, with rubber cross strips at three places along its length, giving it its crinkled form. Colours: bright pink, orange and brown; some pink fringing on one side.
The product poses a chemical risk because it contains the carcinogenic aromatic amine benzidine: - the orange threads contains 76.8 mg/kg, - the brown contains 280 mg/kg. The commercial manufacture and treatment of textile and leather products that may come into direct contact with human skin for extended periods must not make use of any azodyes which on cleavage of one or more azo groups could release more than 30 mg/kg of one of the aromatic amines listed in the Annex. Consumer goods not complying with this provision may not be placed on the market.
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Crinkled scarf
80 cm x 30 cm, Pink/Orange/Brown, Article No. 913722+700.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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