Passenger car - brake master cylinder

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Passenger car - brake master cylinder
Product description
The product poses a risk of injury because under specific conditions, namely during a very slow or soft brake pedal operation, one of brake circuit might be non-functional due to a contamination of the brake fluid. Soft or slow operation of brake pedal is a specific condition but not an unusual one: especially when we drive a care in a high speed, a soft push of the break pedal can reduce the speed of the car, so as to – for example – make a turn with the proper speed. If the car does not slow down, it could deviate from its ordinary route, causing an accident or forcing the car to go off the road. The basic brake function can be securely obtained by normal and emergency operation on brake pedal.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Passenger car Suzuki SWIFT 1.3 (RS 413). The corrective action concerns model year 2006 vehicles, with the following chassis numbers:
TSMMZA11S00156142, TSMMZA11S00156157, TSMMZC11S00155678, TSMMZC11S00155833,
SMMZC11S00155916, TSMMZC11S00156238, TSMMZC11S00156313.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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