Recreational boat - Throttle lever mechanism

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Recreational boat - Throttle lever mechanism
Product description
The recall affects 2007 model year Kawasaki Personal Water Crafts (PWC), model JT1500-B7F, Ultra 250x, with serial numbers from KAW39001*707 to KAW39972*707, where * is any variable element.
The product poses a risk of injuries because under certain circumstances, the throttle lever mechanism may come into contact with the handlebar padding, resulting in a failure of the throttle to return to idle upon release of the operator's hand. It is possible for the throttle lever housing to be rotated or to be moved laterally on the handlebar. Under certain conditions of lateral movement and rotation, if the operator twists the housing to a new location (possibly to accommodate a different position of the adjustable handlebar) and does not re-tighten the screws securing the housing to the handlebar, the throttle lever housing can be positioned such that the handlebar padding may interfere with the ability of the throttle to fully close upon release of the throttle lever. Movement of the housing can result in a situation where the handlebar pad can interfere with the proper return of the throttle lever to the idle position, causing a possible risk of fall and injuries for the rider.
Measures taken
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Personal Water Crafts (PWC), model JT1500-B7F, Ultra 250x.
Recall type
Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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