Plastic soap bubble gun "Fluorescents bubbles – New Style"

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Product title
Plastic soap bubble gun "Fluorescents bubbles – New Style"
Product description
Gun made of clear plastic, with visible interior mechanism made up of brightly coloured parts, and including a tube of blue liquid bearing the words "Bubbles water", which is screwed into the lower front part of the toy and from which the liquid passes into the gun to make the bubbles. The packaging is a clear blister on navy blue cardboard with pictures of red and blue penguins and the words "New Style" and "Auto Gun".
The product poses a microbiological risk because of the presence of aerobic mesophilic microorganisms in the liquid used for the soap bubbles (1.9 x 105 microorganisms/ml). In addition, the toy can easily break.
Measures taken
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Model number
NO.0801 Bar code: 8484441121029
Recall type
Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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