Decorative room fountain

Recall published
Product title
Decorative room fountain
Product description
This product poses a risk of fire and electric shock because: - the pins of the halogen lamp plug are accessible when the lamp fitting is plugged in and they become active; - the insulating tape covering the accessible connection terminals is conductive; - the basic-insulated leads are accessible when water is being poured in (therefore no protection class); - the light fitting is designed for a maximum of 50 volts. However, the connection is made using 230 volts; - the power plug dimensions do not conform to DIN VDE 0620-1, No 9.1; - there is a protective conductor in the mains lead, but it is not connected; - there is no standard-compliant tension relief device for the mains lead; - leaky water containers and cord switch are not protected against water getting in; - the cross-section of the mains lead is too narrow; - the switch has no tension relief device; - the protective conductor is connected as the neutral conductor; - the switch can easily be opened without tools, making live parts accessible; - the mains lead is not permanently attached (just twisted). This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standards.
Measures taken
Measures taken by economic operators: Withdrawal from the market and recall from consumers by the importer<br />Measures ordered by public authorities: Withdrawal from the market and recall from consumers by the importer
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Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Electric shock Fire
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Serious risk
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