Joke item - Trendy Fun Cigarette

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Joke item - Trendy Fun Cigarette
Product description
Two "cigarettes" in transparent plastic on coloured cardboard with the inscription "Trendy Fun Cigarette" and a drawing of a boy smoking. The inscriptions on the back read "Cigarette – joke item – The cigarette contains non-hazardous talcum powder. To release this powder, lightly squeeze the cigarette. If BLOWN INTO with force, the cigarette emits smoke. Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts which may be swallowed".
The product poses a health risk due to possible inhalation of the talcum powder contained in the "cigarettes" (talc test positive, characteristic peaks at 3675, 1018 and 3675, 1018 and 669 cm-¹). Given that children could inhale while imitating an adult smoking, the product must be classified as unsafe for the target group – children; a warning notice would not be sufficient to adequately ensure their safety. One accident reported: a 12-year-old boy inhaled the talcum powder, producing dramatic symptoms and seriously damaging his health (respiratory tract, bronchial tubes, lungs).
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Consumer product
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Health risk / other
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