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In affected motorcycles, high-pressure washing or long usage in rainy conditions can cause water infiltration inside the main wiring harness’ protection. This water could remain for a long time inside the wiring harness area, which is U-shaped and trickle down into the TPS wire through a joint. This could cause a corrosion problem, especially inside the TPS coupler. As a consequence, the TPS signal could be disturbed causing incorrect ignition advance and injection timing to occur, with one or more of the following symptoms: - engine difficult to start; - bad engine response; or - muffler overheating that may cause certain plastic parts to melt and/or muffler damage. These symptoms (especially the second one) could lead to loss of control of the motorcycle. Moreover, this product poses a serious risk of injuries because breakage of the side stand bracket may occur when the product is placed on its stand and the stand is then used as a pivot and during transport. No breakages have occurred whilst the product has been ridden. The breakage is caused by stress concentration due to bracket shape and its fixing structure. Breakage of the side stand bracket could cause side-fall of the motorcycle, resulting in possible injury of the rider. During transportation on a trailer/van/truck, an accident is possible due to instability of the machine after breakage.
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Motorcycles, model YZF MT 03 ‘06.
The recall concerns 2006 model year YAMAHA YZF MT 03 ’06 motorcycles.

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Consumer product
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Serious risk
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