Inflatable raft - Hydro Force Marine Pro Raft Set

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Inflatable raft - Hydro Force Marine Pro Raft Set
Product description
An inflatable PVC raft with oars and a wooden backboard. L: 2.7m; W: 1.42m.
The product poses a risk of drowning because, even if the boat is inflated correctly, due to a material defect the both of the side air chambers can be ripped and break at the same time causing a "boom"-sound. The raft is being sold together with a wooden board for motor attachment although it is classified as a ”type 1” raft which can only be operated manually, with oars (EN ISO 6185-1). Many customers may install an electric outboard or a petrol engine in their raft as the instructions on motor assembly are not very clear, causing an explosion hazard. One accident reported: a raft exploded while in water overnight. The raft has two separate air chambers on the side tubes, which both had deflated due to a material defect. The product does not comply with the Recreational Craft Directive 2003/44/EC.
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Bestway 6501027 (or 65010).
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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