Decorative biscuits

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Product title
Decorative biscuits
Product description
6 food-imitating decorative biscuits in a shape of: a) 6-ray round ended dark brown star with a hole in the middle (approx. dimensions: 6x6x1 cm). b) Dark brown hart with a hole in the middle (approx. dimensions: 6x6x1 cm). c) Dark brown round-shaped biscuit with a hole in the middle (approx. dimensions: diameter 6cm, height 1 cm). d) Light brown-yellow 6-ray star (approx. dimensions: 6x6x1 cm). e) Christmas tree (approx. dimensions: 6x5x1 cm, two items: dark brown and green-light brown).The 6 items are carrying on the top two small red bands and are packed all together in a transparent bag.
The product poses a risk of choking because due to their characteristic form, appearance, colour and size, the products may be mistaken for a foodstuff (cookies). This may lead children to put them in their mouths, bite off and swallow small parts fitting into the small part cylinder, which could entail the risk of asphyxia or obstruction of the digestive tract. The product does not comply with the Directive 87/357/EEC on the prevention of the risk resulting from the use of certain products designed to resemble foodstuffs.
Measures taken
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6 86423 40379 8.
Model number
Christmas Bakery, Code AH 252000,
Recall type
Consumer product
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Risk level
Products with serious risks
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