Motorcycle - Locks on both left and right side cases

Recall published
Product title
Motorcycle - Locks on both left and right side cases and the rear carrier
Product description
The recall affects motorcycles with serial numbers from JKBZGT40AAA005036 to JKBZGT40AAA013543 (locks on side cases) and from JKBZGT40AAA005036 to JKBZGT40AAA011397 (rear carrier).
The product poses a risk of injuries because: - if a large force is applied to the side case latch, for example from the motorcycle falling over while stationary or from improper installation or engagement of the latch (as shown), the latch’s pivot pin could break. This could result in the saddlebag becoming detached from the machine in use potentially causing a road hazard; - if a Kawasaki genuine accessory luggage system (top case) or similar carrier mounted luggage is installed and a passenger leans against it, the rear carrier could break. In the worst case, the carrier and luggage could become detached from the motorcycle creating the potential for an accident.
Measures taken
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Recall type
Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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