Baby seat

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Baby seat
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A child seat for cycles type Baby Seat TOPEAK, produced by TOPEAK, TAIWAN is designed for transportation of children on the back of cycles, which must be carried with a carrier. The product is useful for a child age 1 to 4 years, and a mass of 9 kg to 18 kg. It is provided that the child sits in the seat and is fixed with the restraint system. The child's feet are settled in specially designed retentions straps. The seat has the following dimensions: - width: 300 mm - length: 230 mm – minimum length of the backbone: 480 mm - minimum height of the foot carrier: 70 mm - minimum surface of the retention strap: 260 mm.
The product poses a risk of injuries due to constructional defects and incomplete instructions for use: - the product is not provided with a restraint system and only a crossbar restricting the child's movements is provided. This is misleading for the user because it gives a false sense of security although the child can fall out of the seat, which can lead to head injuries or to fracture or abrasion; - the product dimensions do not fulfil the requirements regarding the minimum height for the side of the seat; - the area of integral foot guards is smaller than the minimum area required and there are no required foot retention straps; - the warning and instruction are insufficient. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 1434.
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H-TCSO1-GB 9/03 (serial number)
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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