Leaf blower - "Mighty Lite" backpack leaf blower

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  • Homelite
Product title
Leaf blower - "Mighty Lite" backpack leaf blower
Product description
The product is sold under the Homelite brand. It is a blower, fitted with a 26 cc engine, used to move leaves and other garden waste. The product is mounted on a frame that is worn on the user's back, hence the name “backpack blower”.
The product poses a risk of burns and fire because the fuel tank may leak. This leak may be the result of a small crack liable to develop in the tank reinforcement, into which a screw for fastening the tank to the central fastening support of the backpack blower fits. The crack may cause fuel to leak from the tank onto the operator's clothes and body. The fuel may also leak onto the floor of the premises where the product is stored. The product does not comply with the Machinery Directive.
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Consumer product
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Burns Fire
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Products with serious risks
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