Passenger car - Peugeot 307 308

Recall published
Product title
Passenger car - Peugeot 307 308, 807 and Expert
Product description
The vehicles concerned are 2006 to 2008 models.
The products pose a risk of injuries because in the vehicles concerned the control unit may fail to correctly recognise the position of the light-switch and the lights may be switched off unintentionally causing the risk of accident.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
- 307: VF33C9HVC84783828 to VF33CNFUL84932803
Type: 3*9HV* e2*2001/116*0333*
Type: 3*9HX* e2*2001/116*0301*
Type: 3*9HY* e2*2001/116*0299*
Type: 3*9HZ* e2*2001/116*0287*
Type: 3*KFU* e2*2001/116*0288*
Type: 3*NFU* e2*98/14*0243*
Type: 3*NFU* e2*2001/116*0243*
Type: 3*RFJ* e2*2001/116*0313*
Type: 3*RFK* e2*2001/116*0290*
Type: 3*RHR* e2*2001/116*0235*
- 308: VF34A5FTF55115254 to VF34G9HZH55179046
Type: 4***** e2*2001/116*0362*
- 807: VF3EA4HSJ13374996 to VF3EBRHRH13377022
Type: E***** e2*98/14*0253*
- Expert: VF3AATTENT64016739 to VF3XWRHKH64169080
Type: X***** e2*2001/116*0349*
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
Notifying country

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