Playpen "Happy Hort"Type/model: 009920801 03045

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Playpen "Happy Hort"Type/model: 009920801 03045.
Product poses a risk of choking, injury and cuts because: - four angular rein forcing elements can be taken apart and their plasticized nuts are smaller then cylinder with the inner diameter of 25.4 mm, (parts that can be taken apart should not go into the cylinder); - four screws are protruding from the structure and - there are four places in which a test chain can be caught (there should not be any parts that stick out),; - distance between protective boards is 68 mm (allowed 65 mm); - distance between the lowest point of a grab handle and the base is 365 mm (required at least 500mm); - there is no permanent marking of the maximum weight of a child. This product does not comply with the relevant European Standard EN 12227.
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Consumer product
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Choking Cuts Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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