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Only vehicles manufactured during the period 07.11.2007 – 07.12.2007 are affected. The operation is being carried out under the code 7U157 and information is provided by the dealers.
The product poses a risk of injuries because the clamping screws on the front seat-belts may come loose. In the vehicles concerned, the seat-belt strap support on the edge of the seat frame may be incorrectly positioned, and the clamping screw may not have been secured with the necessary tightening torque. Vibrations in the vehicle combined with an incorrectly aligned strap support may cause the screw to come loose and eventually lead to the seat-belt becoming detached. The vehicles are being checked to ensure that the strap support is correctly positioned and that the clamping screw has been secured with the necessary tightening torque.
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Vehicle type FDA6, FZE6, EC type approval e11*2001/116*0276-*0289*03
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Consumer product
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