Body Lotion "Completely Quenched" Moisturising Body Lotion

Recall published
  • No7
Product title
Body Lotion "Completely Quenched" Moisturising Body Lotion
Product description
Body lotion in plastic 200ml crimped top tube.
The product poses a chemical risk because a body wash product has been accidentally packaged into tubes of body lotion. The intended use of the body lotion is to leave in contact with the skin without rinsing, whereas the body wash product contained within the body lotion packaging is intended to be rinsed off immediately. There is a small possibility that members of the public may experience a reaction if they leave the body wash in contact with their skin for prolonged periods of time. The product does not comply with the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Item Number: 59-66-280
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Country of origin
United Kingdom
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
Notifying country
United Kingdom


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