Soap Bubbles

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Soap Bubbles
Product description
Blister packaging measuring 45 x 7 x 3 cm. The article is a container of soap solution, made of green plastic and elongated to resemble a sword, in packaging of cardboard and plastic. The packaging is 45 cm long, the sword 37 cm and the handle - made of opaque hard plastic - 12 cm. Inside the container is the bubble wand, with a compressed and elongated hoop through which users can blow giant bubbles. The small label on the package bears the following wording: "I-Sabre à Bulles de Savon Sous Blister" (soap bubble sword in blister packaging) Distributed by SNC OIA 200 Rue de La recherche BP 169 59650 Villenevue D’ASCQ – France
The product poses a risk of microbial infection because it contains 4.4 x104 CFU/g of aerobic micro organisms and, in particular, 2 x 104 CFU/g of coliforms.
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ICA 749194 Blister packaging
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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