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  • International Novelties
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Toy pen with soap bubbles 4 in 1
Product description
Multi-function toy that can be used as a pen, soap bubble toy or a stamp; sold. Sold individually but presented for sale in packs of 24 units. These multi-The packs are consist of a blue cardboard box with pictures of fairies on the outside and printed with the words “4 in 1, Bubble, pen, stamps, 'it’s self inking'". The individual pens are clear in the middle, containing soap bubble solution with and a ring through which the bubbles are blown, and . They are coloured at the top and bottom; there is a red stamp at the top. Available in six different colours: violet, blue, bright green, fuchsia, yellow and red.
The product poses a risk of microbial infection because it contains more than 3 x 105 CFU/g of aerobic micro organisms.
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Code 8034025132516
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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