Candy Spray "Magic Spray N° 2"

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Candy Spray "Magic Spray N° 2" (melon flavour: 13/07/05, cola flavour: 12/07/05, blueberry flavour: 13/07/05, passion fruit flavour: 23/06/05, apple flavour: 23/06/05, melon flavour: 15/07/05, cola flavour: 15/07/05, blueberry flavour: 16/07/05, passion fruit flavour: 15/07/05, apple flavour: 16/07/05).
The spray nozzle and the cap are easily detachable and could be swallowed or inhaled by the child during consumption. The excessive acidity of the liquid might burn the eyes. The cap does not comply with the relevant European standards applying to small parts under the Toys Directive.
Measures taken
Measures taken by economic operators: Product voluntarily recalled by the distributor
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Consumer product
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Serious risk
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