Wooden playpen

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Wooden playpen
Product description
A rectangular wooden playpen with plain dowel bars and a PVC-covered, padded MDF base board. The sides can be folded down and it has 2 legs and 2 lockable casters.
The product poses a risk of injuries and suffocation because: - the 4 spring clips used to support the base are not protected against corrosion, - the slots in the corner posts are between 5mm & 12mm and more than 10mm deep. A gap between 5mm & 12mm exists between the lower side rails and the base rails on all 4 sides, - a gap between 25mm & 45mm exists between the corner posts and their adjacent dowels, - the folding mechanism requires 2 consecutive actions to release, the first fails to require 50N to release, - the minimum internal height from the top of the corner post (highest point on which a child can stand) to the top rail, is less than 600mm - when in the elevated position, one of the spring clips deform allowing the base to collapse. With the base in the lowest position, 2 of the support brackets detach allowing the base to collapse when impacted at the centre end location, - it is not marked with the maximum weight of child to use the playpen.
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Consumer product
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Injuries Suffocation
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Products with serious risks
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United Kingdom


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