Convertible library chair/stepladder

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Convertible library chair/stepladder
Product description
Standard chair dimensions. Wooden chair which converts into a stepladder, brown in colour and sold wrapped in grey embossed paper.
The product poses a risk of injuries because: – the seat base locking mechanism is not automatic, and unintentional movement of parts creates the risk of entrapment between the diagonal supports of the seat, – the spaces between the rungs and the distance between the ground and the upper surface of the first rung are not even, – the distance between the outer edges of the side members, measured at ground level (377mm), is smaller than the minimum width required (387mm), – the depth of the upper platform is far smaller than the minimum required (80mm, compared to 200mm min.), – the angle from the horizontal of the front edge of all the rungs is less than 45°, – the angle from the horizontal of an imaginary straight line drawn between the external edge of the rear feet and the rear edge of the platform is greater than 87° (value measured: 103°), – there is no locking mechanism when used in stepladder position, –there are pinching and squeezing points where the seat rung meets the supporting crosspiece, –sharp edges exist at the front of the rungs and the axis of the joining hinges. The product does not comply with the European standard EN 12520.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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