Soother chain

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Product title
Soother chain
Product description
Clip-on soother with a chain. Blue with covering. The decoration is a Mickey Mouse face covered in tinfoil. The packaging is a blue rectangular plasticised cardboard box carrying the DISNEY BABY mark and ARDE.
This product poses a serious risk of choking and cuts because: - the tinfoil covering on the part for securing to the clothes comes off under a force of less than 90 N, generating small parts; -the part for securing to the clothes has an unventilated surface occupying a complete circumference with a diameter of 25 mm; - during the impact strength test conducted, the closer on the fastener breaks; - the silvered decoration has accessible sharp edged. This product does not comply with the relevant European standard. One accident reported on a risk of asphyxia in the case of a 9-month old child.
Measures taken
Measures ordered by public authorities: Withdrawal form the market ordered by the authorities
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Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Choking Cuts
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Serious risk
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