Table lamp (ATLAS)

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Table lamp (ATLAS)
Product description
The cover of table lamp is metal. The rocker switch is located in the base part of the luminaire. The metal lamp-shade includes an E27 ceramic lampholder. Technical specification: 230V~; 50Hz; 60W; Class II. lampholder: E27; F mark.
This product poses a risk of electric shock because: - there are sharp edges protruding into the wireway; - the basic insulated wires get into contact with accessible metal parts; - the cross section area is smaller than required; - the dimensions of the plug are non-compliant; - the bushing protecting cables are not fixed, and the used material is too soft. The product also presents a risk of fire since it tipped over on a slope of 6 °, and thus the overheating of the supporting surface occurs. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standard.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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Products with serious risks
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