Extension cord

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Extension cord
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The body of the winch drum is made of black PVC with four sockets; the box is of red PVC. The extension cord is black. On the winch drum, there are non-remarkable data about cross-sections 1,5-1,0-0,75 mm2 and about applied load of max. 3500W. On one of the four sockets, there is mark of the current 16A, on the other 10A, last two ones are without mark. The product is sold without packaging.
This product poses a risk of electric shock and fire because: - the real value of the cord cross-section area is 1,0 mm². It is not suitable even for load of 10A and must not be used for load of 16A (3500W); - the safeguarding disconnection of protective conductor occurred only after disconnection of L conductors; - user’s instructions are missing. Consumers are not instructed about the real cross-section of the cord, how to identify and choose maximal load. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standards.
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4 m, H05 VV-FG1.0, type marked on plug: 210
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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Products with serious risks
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