Floor lamp (portable luminaire)

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Floor lamp (portable luminaire)
Product description
The product has a gold-coloured metal cover. The base plate has a diameter of approximately 23 cm, and thickness of 3 cm and an approximately 170 cm long rod is connected to it, the E27 lamp holder and the plastic lamp shade is located on its top. On the upper third part of the rod there is a moveable metal clip that can be fixed with a screw on the central rod, and a flexible rod is connected to it at the end of which there is an E14 lamp holder and a glass lamp shade. Main parts of the luminaire: E27 lamp holder (GS3556 250V~4A T230 VDE); E14-es lamp holder (GS5556; 250V~4A; T230; VDE); mains plug (3E; PL-1; 2,5A250V; + marks of approval); mains cable (3E Europa; Q041083; H03VVH2-F; 2x0,75mm2 + marks of approval); switch (3E; IL-4 3A; 250Vac; ENEC; VDE). Technical specification: 220-240V~; E27 1x max 100W; E14 1x max 40W; Class II. F-mark.
This product poses a risk of : - electric shock because the wires may get damaged due to the sharp edges of the lamp arm; - fire because the product tipped over on a slope of 15° and the supporting surface may overheat. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standard EN 60598.
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Art. No: 13107, type: 5164
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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Products with serious risks
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