Yo-yo ball - JO JO puffer ball

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Yo-yo ball - JO JO puffer ball
Product description
The yo-yo ball with a diameter of 4 cm is made of a softened varicoloured plastic material. It is flashing inside upon a clash. An elastic string of 9.5 cm with a loop is at the end attached to the ball. Twelve pieces of the toy are packed in the box with graphic symbols – intended for children up 3 years and unsuitable for children under 6 years respectively, CE marking, symbol for recycling, varicoloured notice – PUFFER BALL, red notice – SQUEZE IT! and yellow notices – MORPH BALL!! SQUISHY BALL!!! A CHANGEABLE COLOR!!! Made in China Warning: chocking hazard. Small parts, not for children under 6 years and reference to website http://www.bstoy.com. On the sticky label on the product there are warnings, instruction for battery exchange and data about producer and importer.
The product poses a risk of suffocation by strangulation because the elastic string can be stretched during the use from 95 mm up to 650 mm and then it may get wrapped around the child's neck. This product does not comply with the Toys Directive and the relevant European standard EN 71-1.
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Consumer product
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