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Nappy changing unit Tubular metal nappy changing unit on plastic casters with changing table and removable bath “Cam il mondo del bambino s.p.a”.
According to the test results the nappy changing unit used without the bath does not satisfy the safety requirements of the European Standard 12221-1 with respect to stability and strength. Although the instructions for use state that the nappy changing unit is to be used only with the bath fitted, it is reasonably foreseeable that it will be used without the bath, e.g. when the bath has been removed for cleaning and the nappy changer unexpectedly has to be used at short notice. Nappy changers are subject to very stringent safety requirements since the group of users at risk comprises infants who may suffer disproportionate injury in the event of an accident. A further danger arising with older infants is that they can already move very vigorously. There is thus a high risk of the unit's collapsing. One accident – the nappy changer collapsed (when used without the bath) and the baby lying on it suffered severe injury (fracture of the skull).
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Jackie, Art. No C 603 002
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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