Flying rotor toy

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Product title
Flying rotor toy
Product description
Plastic toy, with batteries and light, consisting of a launch base with a rubber band and a projectile in the shape of an arrow, which incorporates a battery-powered light. The packaging is a transparent plastic bag.
The product poses a chemical risk because the light emitting diode is connected to the battery pack by a hook ending in a sharp point that presses against one of the terminals of the battery pack and, thus, there is a risk of the battery being perforated and leaking chemicals. In addition, the battery compartment can be easily opened and the batteries can be swallowed. The product does not comply with the Toy safety directive and with the relevant European standards EN 62115 and EN 71-1.
Measures taken
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Model number
Model ST-F01
Recall type
Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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