Mini motorbike “CMM - MINI-MOTO”Type/model: MT-A7

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mini motorbike “CMM - MINI-MOTO”Type/model: MT-A7.Description: Unknown.
The use of this machine is extremely dangerous and it could injure the rider or any other person in the vicinity. - Access to the fuel shutoff valve is difficult and dangerous, as this is very well hidden and is near the exhaust pipe. - The fuel line comes into contact with very hot parts of the exhaust. - The temperature of the exhaust near the fuel shut-off, near the fuel tank and near the fuel line is very high. - There are no chain guards, including near the sprocket. - The motor bike contains sharp edges. - The noise level is excessive and there is no indication of the sound pressure level emitted The warning information and the instruction manual are incomplete. This product does not comply with the Machinery Directive.
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