Incenso de Hervas (Herbal Incense)

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Product title
Incenso de Hervas (Herbal Incense)
Product description
Incense consisting of a mixture of herbs with aroma, available in packaging weighing 1 g or 3 g. The Portuguese and English versions of the indications and the list of ingredients appear on the labelling: “Finest Herbs to rejuvenate your mind, releases a rich fragrance while burning. Tobacco and Nicotine free. Enjoy!”; “Not for human consumption”; “Keep out of reach of children"; and “The main ingredients: Bay bean, Damiana, Stevia leaf, Lemon grass, Tribulus Terrestris, Indian Pennyworth, Rose, Siberian motherwort, Marsh mallow, Clove, Hops, aroma essence.”
The product poses a chemical risk because when the smoke is inhaled it can cause symptoms of allergies and poisoning. Incidents reported.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
2000 0998 and Barcode: 2000 2909.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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