Thermos flasks and thermal jugs

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Product title
Thermos flasks and thermal jugs
Product description
The asbestos-containing material consists of small cylindrical grey/off-white bodies around 10 mm in diameter and 3 mm long, made of compressed chrysotile asbestos fibre material, positioned in the cavity between the double glass casing of the flasks, to act as spacers.
The product poses a serious risk of cancer because asbestos fibre, which could be carcinogenic if inhaled, could be released if the casing was broken and the asbestos lozenges were handled. This product does not comply with the Chemicals Restrictions Directive 76/769/EEC.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
-thermos flasks: Art. 011673CF60, Art. 011679CF24
Art. 011675CF36, Art. 011678CF24, Art. 011672CF60, Art. 011676CF24, Art. 011674CF48, Art. 013692CF24, Art. 013693CF48;
- thermal jugs: Art. 011681CF36, Art. 011682CF24, Art. 013695CF12, Art. 013696CF12, Art. 013698CF24, Art. 013694CF24
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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