Pizza pan

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Pizza pan
Product description
Pizza pan, diameter approximately 36 cm, 230 V, 1 500 W, 50-60 Hz.
The product poses a serious risk of electric shock because : - the earth wire is not longer than the conductors carrying current. If the lead is pulled out of the plug housing, the earth wire does not break only after the conductors carrying current; it is therefore ineffective; - the cross-section of the mains connection lead is too small (only 0.75 mm²). The cross-section must be at least 1 mm² for appliances with a rated current of 6.5 A; - the appliance is not equipped with a pull-relief device, with the result that the conductors are not protected from pulling, including twisting, at the point at which they are connected inside the appliance and the insulation is protected against abrasion. This results in a risk of electric shock; - the screw intended to secure the earth connection is not protected against accidentally coming loose. Earth clamps must be protected against accidentally coming loose. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant standards.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock
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Products with serious risks
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